Niedax is standing for technical innovation in electrical installation systems for over 95 years. It all began with the company's founders, Alexander Niedergesäß and Fritz Axthelm. Their pioneering ideas for cable routing and fastening laid the foundations for many more successful innovations and set standards that have shaped the international growth of the NIEDAX GROUP for decades. Now a global player, we are able to develop and successfully launch innovations on our markets all over the world.

Niedax innovation milestones from 1920 to the present

1996 Screwless mesh tray connectors2010 NX CITO LINE1928 Niedax dowel1935 Series clip1954 Yoke clamp with hammer foot (Bügelschelle mit dem Hammerfuß®)1963 Anchor rails1970 Cable racks and support brackets1973 Cable trays and support brackets1975 Synthetic wiring ducts1977 Mesh tray systems1980 Device channel1985 Steel wiring duct1990 RLV cable tray with attached joint connector1992 Circuit integrity maintenance1994 Long-span systems1996 Media cable routing and power units


Our goal is to be a global market leader with our brands and technology. Innovation is the key to the future as we strive to achieve this goal. We harness all available potential to ensure we can meet the growing demands and needs of our partners. Attractive new products and technologies provide a firm foundation for future success. We seek to be the technology leader in a wide range of business segments, including all major fields of industry and supply where advanced and extensive cable routing systems are required. And it goes without saying that our customers and their specific needs are at the centre of all our work.


Our research and development goals are defined by our overall business strategy. We assess all activities in the light of customer value, environmental benefits and the impact on natural resources, security of supply and the competitive strength of the NIEDAX GROUP. We draw on the specialization of each Group company, bringing together the competent experts in joint research and development tasks. The result is comprehensive expertise, which we can also use in major national and international projects.

Our focus is on applied, user-oriented research and development. We are in permanent dialogue with partners from industry and higher education research. Thanks to this close cooperation, we can not only successfully implement our projects, but can also make our contribution to practical and advanced training for young engineers.

Quality systems for structural fire prevention

Prevention is the best form of protection, which is why we are constantly working on ways to ensure the primary protective aims of structural fire protection, saving lives and protecting business assets, are met more effectively and more efficiently.

The growing number of new requirements for structural fire prevention demand innovative solutions. An expert partner with a comprehensive product portfolio for "Cable systems with integrated circuit integrity maintenance", the NIEDAX GROUP supports planners and engineers in the development of fire protection measures for specific construction projects. We advise installation and fitting firms on implementation, and provide extensive support at all stages including installation, right up to final acceptance testing of cable systems.

A large number of officially certified and tried and tested designs and systems for cabling with integrated circuit integrity, coupled with over 20 years of experience in structural fire protection, are testimony to the quality of our support services.

The NIEDAX GROUP supplies excellent and innovative solutions for all areas of facilities cabling, and for special fields of application such as industry and public works.