New possibilities of surface coating


In the production facility of the NIEDAX GROUP, located in St. Katharinen, Germany, one of the latest surface coating plants has been put into operation within this industry.

The articles to be coated consist of an electrical conductive material. After an appropriate pretreatment and an intermediate drying they pass the powder-blasting cabin, where the actual electrostatic coating happens by applying of the paint powder. On the basis of the subsequent drying/ baking process the protective coating will be resistant and long lasting.

We are pleased to offer our customers with the new powder coating facility once again improved and high-quality surface coating for our products. With innovative process management by applying of the paint powder meanwhile almost every surface coating of this kind can be quoted.

For this reason we are able to quote our customers suitable articles with requested properties for each application area. The use of conveyor technology, with a bearing capacity of 75 kg/m in the powder coating facility enables additionally the coating from medium to heavy weight cable- and long span trays.

As a matter of course the powder coating facility is able to – according to application area and customer’s request – coats in various colors (special colors or RAL), gloss grades (high-gloss, silk-matt, matt) or structures (rough, semi rough, smooth), but with additional properties as particular corrosion- and UV-resistance as well.

The integrated quick-change system of the powder paint center with special software application secures a color change in single-digit minute range. Therefore the designing of special surfaces or the coating of smallest lot sizes in relation with warranty of short delivery times for our customers is possible.

The new powder coating facility with pre-switched pretreatment guarantees highest quality guidelines based on well-developed technology as well as an eco-friendly and resources saving manufacturing.

Apart of qualitative and functional coating, the focus is especially on the nearly loss-free use of powder paint as well as the waste water treatment. While based on the new application technology the powder precisely is applied and possible remains are recycled to a very high degree, the industrial water will undergo a comprehensive cleaning in the own waste water treatment.