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From left to right: Cornelius Steele, President Niedax North America, Jordan Handler, Owner MonoSystems, Bruno Reufels, CEO NIEDAX GROUP, Karl-Heinz Müller, President Niedax North America

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NIEDAX GROUP continues successful growth path

The NIEDAX GROUP expands US market activities through the acquisition of MonoSystems

RYE BROOK, New York, USA - NIEDAX GROUP announces the acquisition of MonoSystems effective December 31, 2020. MonoSystems is a leading producer of cable management systems in the North American market based in New York State.

In addition to the existing Niedax locations in the U.S., Mexico and Canada, the transaction further expands NIEDAX GROUP's presence in North America and places it among top five manufacturers in the North American cable management market.

"With approximately a quarter of the global cable management market, the U.S. offers significant opportunities. The acquisition of MonoSystems complements our existing portfolio in one of the most important growth markets. As a result of our additional production site in Buffalo, we are now more flexible and closer to our customers," says Bruno Reufels, CEO of NIEDAX GROUP, who is making one of the largest investments in the company's 100-year history. “Especially in economically difficult times, it is important to invest. This is how you come out of a crisis in a stronger and more resilient position”, he added.

Jordan Handler, Owner of MonoSystems, emphasized, " We are pleased that NIEDAX GROUP has recognized our diversified product offering and flexible manufacturing capabilities for cable management systems, and that we will benefit from the group’s continuous growth.”

MonoSystems has been active in the North American cable management market for nearly 50 years. During this time, they have managed to consistently manufacture innovative systems and provide optimal service solutions for the electrical industry. MonoSystems has its headquarter in Rye Brook, a manufacturing facility in Buffalo and nearly 100 employees.


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