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With GreenNiedax and SocialNiedax for a sustainable future

With GreenNiedax and SocialNiedax, the corporate group has anchored its responsibility for people and the environment.

With GreenNiedax and SocialNiedax, the corporate group has firmly anchored its responsibility for people and the environment in its mission statement at all national and international locations. 

As part of a sustainability concept, the company ensures that it identifies environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities at an early stage at every stage of the value chain, averts dangers and optimises the associated processes. 

For the Niedax Group, sustainability means striving for social and ecological goals equally and simultaneously - for lasting values, with good and safe working conditions and careful handling of the environment and resources. 

The central aspect is and remains the orientation towards the "Sustainable Development Goals" of the United Nations and the associated levers for decarbonisation.


Niedax develops and produces its products in the most environmentally friendly way possible throughout the entire value chain and reduces its ecological footprint. This applies not only to the production and use phase, but also to raw materials and pre-products, the purchase of electricity from renewable sources, the choice of suppliers and the recycling of materials and packaging at the end of the cycle. 


As a global player in modern cable laying technologies, the Niedax Group has locations in more than 30 countries in all the world's major markets. Due to this decentralised structure, the company has a responsibility to ensure a sustainable and socially acceptable environment in the local area as well.
The safety and health of the Niedax Group's employees is always a top priority. That is why Niedax focuses on the prevention of occupational accidents and safety risks in all operations in accordance with international and national standards and certifications.
Niedax also assumes responsibility for social issues. For example, the group of companies regularly donates to charitable causes and is committed to the targeted local support of social institutions.


The Niedax Group has set itself ambitious sustainability goals. The approach to decarbonisation is holistic and encompasses all components of the life cycle, from the supply chain and production to the use phase and recycling.

The Niedax Group is committed to the two-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement. By 2050, the group of companies should be CO2-neutral in terms of its balance sheet. 

In the future, too, as many employees as possible are to be employed in appealing, promising occupational fields, attractive salaries are to be paid and secure jobs are to be offered. The goal: to bundle the potential of all employees of different brands, countries and subsidiaries with their different skills, views and experience within the company, to bring together the best talents and ideas and thus to jointly shape the future of cable laying systems. 

Compliance with all generally applicable ethical principles and country-specific rules is a matter of course. 


News & Events - Niedax Group
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News & Events - Niedax Group
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