Our New Brand Strategy – One common Appearance, one common Goal!

For over 100 years, Niedax has been developing cable managament systems for the largest construction projects of our time. We have always focused on customer proximity, individual solutions, and high-quality standards – in Germany and worldwide. As of now, we are also bringing this concentrated group power closer together in terms of communication: with a clear brand message and a new, common logo.

Together, we are one Niedax Group. Together, we make a safe electrical world possible.

The Niedax Brand - Holistic Competence Based on Three Pillars

Global Specialist

At home in the world – Niedax produces and delivers worldwide and is experienced with any market requirement. 

Customer Proximity

Our maxim is to advise our customers when developing electrical installation solutions, and to work with them on the planning and implementation.

Experienced Expert

With history that can be traced back 100 years, Niedax is an experienced and established partner.

Our Brand Message

We are convinced that electrical installations must be safe. That's why we constantly ask ourselves what constitutes safe electrical installations.

They are well thought-out, easy to install, up to any challenge. And last but not least: Developed for people's needs.

Niedax products make the difference. That's why we always plan and develop together with our customers. Always with the aim of getting the best out of our solutions for each of them. Regardless of whether they are electrical installers, planners or building owners.

Our cable management systems not only make places safer. They provide order in an electrical world that is constantly becoming more complex. This creates connections that make new things possible.

Our German roots and our quality standards are at home all over the world. We produce and deliver internationally. We draw on more than 100 years of experience in the market and have our eye on the future. 

That is our vision – for a safe electrical world.

One Niedax Group, one logo

No matter where in the world people encounter our companies or our products: Our new logo clearly signals that we belong to the Niedax Group. At the heart of the logo are the three crescents, which refer to three aspects:

Our historical heritage 
They refer to the ellipses of the former Niedax logos.

Our three-stage distribution channel
This is how we grew up in our country of origin and continue to be successful.

Our products
Meaning the three places at which our electrical installation solutions are installed – the ceiling, the floor, and the wall.

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The Niedax Group manufactures and delivers worldwide - and is available locally with your contact person. Always with the goal of bringing out the best for each project.


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