The beginnings

Founding a company in Berlin

From a small company to a global player - Niedax's success spans over a century. Engineers Alexander Niedergesäß and Fritz Axthelm write the first chapter in 1920 in Berlin: they found Niedergesäß & Co OHG. The two specialized in installation technology and were already pioneers in the electrical industry at the time. They later move production to Herzberg/Elster. A fusion of their surnames finally forms the registered trademark "Niedax". The patent for the "sleeve expansion plug" follows in 1928 - a milestone.

Our history

From craft to industry: Niedax over the course of time

1920 - 1975
1976 - 2013
2014 - 2021
2022 - today

Foundation of Niedergesäß & Co. OHG by Alexander Niedergesäß and Fritz Axthelm in Berlin


Patent grant Niedax sleeve expansion dowels


New start in Linz am Rhein and start of cable tray production


Starting signal for cable tray production


Commissioning of our own hot-dip galvanizing plant


Central production facility of the Niedax Group


Purchase of the electroplating plant in Bonn


Takeover of the Hermann Kleinhuis company


Takeover of Rico GmbH & Co. KG and takeover of Fintech GmbH


New management: Bruno Reufels (CEO), Alexander Horn and Rolf Luthardt


France: Acquisition of EBO Systems & Niedax France


Thailand: Market entry in Asia through the acquisition of ACS Thailand


Expansion of presence in the Dutch market through acquisition of Gouda Holland


Hungary: Expansion of a production facility


Italy: Joint venture with FEMIC-CZ and subsidiary For M.A., joint acquisition of Steel Line CMS


Niedax India: New construction of a production plant


Acquisition of Boecker Stahl-Service GmbH in Schwerte-Westhofen


Ireland: Acquisition of the Excel Electric Group


New Niedax Holding with Bruno Reufels (CEO) and Alexander Horn


Niedax Switzerland: New construction of the production plant in Raron


Anniversary: 100 years of Niedax


Expansion of activities on the Arabian market with the founding of Niedax Composites in Dubai


Start of the digital transformation with the founding of Niedax Digital in Bonn


Entry into the African market with Niedax Nigeria Ltd. and Niedax South Africa (Pty) Ltd.


Expansion of activities on the American market through the acquisition of MonoSystems


Expansion of global activities through joint venture with majority stake in the R&M Electrical Group


Takeover of Band-Service-Hagen GmbH


Acquisition of Canadian Electrical Raceways in Canada


Acquisition of Philip Grahame International Ltd. in the United Kingdom


Acquisition of Mechanical & Electrical Fixings Ltd. in the United Kingdom

Post-war period

Destruction and reconstruction

But things are not always uphill for Niedax. The economic crisis and later the Second World War leave their mark. In January 1944, the headquarters in Berlin were completely destroyed and a short time later the production facility was expropriated. New successes are not recorded until the reconstruction: Business booms thanks to the increased demand for electrical installations. In 1948, a branch office is established in Linz am Rhein, and in 1955 the site operates as an independent company under the name "Niedax GmbH". Further patent applications such as the U-bolt clamp with the Hammerfoot® complete the product range.

The 60s

Independence from suppliers

Even after the death of Niedergesäß and Axthelm, Niedax is able to maintain its successful course. By the mid-1960s, Niedax already had 18 branches. In addition, the company puts its own roll forming line into operation. This strategic decision makes the company independent of suppliers and allows maximum flexibility in the product range.

The 70s

Investing in the future

The 1970s are characterized by further forward-looking decisions: In St. Katharinen, a 28,000 square meter site is acquired for production. Later, the company also builds its own hot-dip galvanizing plant there. At the same time, a change in cable laying technology can be observed: The focus was no longer on individual clamps, but on cable trays and ducts. Niedax then developed the first range of steel cable trays.

The 90s

Expansion, acquisition and international success

From the mid-1990s, Niedax goes international: Bruno Reufels and Egon Winggen take over the business. At that time, around 300 employees work in St. Katharinen and offer a product range of over 6000 articles. The two establish branches abroad and ensure the constant growth of the Niedax Group with targeted acquisitions worldwide. Winggen retires in 2005. Alexander Horn, the grandson of founder Fritz Axthelm, takes his place. Together with Rolf Luthardt, there are now three men at the helm of the company.

Niedax today

A family business in transition

The list of successful acquisitions and expansions is long. In 2020, Niedax even entered the African market for the first time - and is now active in over 30 countries in total. The Group also celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2020. For this long-lasting success, Niedax skillfully combines tradition with innovation. The group of companies is still 100% family-owned to this day. Nevertheless, a breath of fresh air is important, which is why the management has recently been joined by representatives of younger generations: Adrian Lowiner, Cornelius Steele, Philipp Stiehl and Marina Reufels ensure a strategic positioning for the future.