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Customized electrical installation solutions for the infrastructure & transport sector

Shopping centers, railroad stations, airports – fire safety has foremost priority at locations where people congregate. Emergency lighting, elevators, smoke extraction systems, and other building equipment need to be able to function for prolonged periods of time to help preserve human life in an emergency.
Infrastructure & Transport - Niedax Group

Sophisticated systems from the Niedax Group can help to secure the functional maintenance. Our "KFO" system with integrated functional maintenance to DIN 4102-T 12 for wall and ceiling assembly represents a major step forward as it no longer requires additional threaded rods for installation. For infrastructure and transportation projects, this means less material, more rapid assembly, and reduced costs. 

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As an international partner in the rail sector, we bring forward-looking mobility concepts to the track.


The Niedax Group supplied 8,000 m of stainless steel cable channels, 60,000 special support structures, and 120,000 m of GRP handrails for the Gotthard Base Tunnel project. The glass fiber-reinforced plastics ensure greater temperature and form stability.
Infrastructure & Transport - Niedax Group
©AlpTransit Gotthard AG

Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF)

What Deutsche Bahn is in Germany, SNCF (Société nationale des chemins de fer français) is in France. The French subsidiary EBO Systems is refurbishing and extending the cable routing over a rail route of almost 18,000 kilometers. The entire project runs over six years and has a volume of 24 million euros.
Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF)

Düsseldorf Airport

The expertise which the Niedax Group has acquired over many years in the area of preservation of the function of cables, wiring and routing systems was required after the serious fire catastrophe at Düsseldorf Airport. Today, 1,000m of cable trays ensure a functional electricity which meets the most demanding of requirements in terms of fire protection.
Infrastructure & Transport - Niedax Group

CEVA Railroad

With a total length of 16 kilometers, 14 of which run through Switzerland, the CEVA railroad connects Geneva to the French city of Annemasse, serving Geneva's main business centers along the way.
Infrastructure & Transport - Niedax Group

Danube Bridge, Linz, Austria

The 400m long bridge crossing over the River Danube in Linz, Austria, carries two traffic lanes as well as a pedestrian footpath and a cycle path.
Infrastructure & Transport - Niedax Group

Westbahnhof Railroad Station, Vienna

As one of the busiest stations in the Austrian railroad network, the Westbahnhof station in Vienna has been standing proud following a renovation. The Niedax Group supplied around 13,400 m of cable channels, 11,000 cable brackets, and around 7,600 yoke clamps.
Railroad Station, Vienna

Cologne/Bonn Airport

Cologne/Bonn Airport brings together two terminals, 53 shops, bars, restaurants, 3 parking lots, an underground railroad station, and more. It is a complex infrastructure project that requires a seamless flow of power and data under high loads and over long distances.
Cologne/Bonn Airport
© Cologne Bonn Airport

Investments in Transportation and Infrastructure to Increase

Without functional roads and railroad networks, as well as other supply networks like hospitals, internet cables, power and water, the people's quality of life would suffer. Around the world, investment in the maintenance and expansion of infrastructure is likely to characterize the coming years.

The investment backlog is considerable, and has the potential to decelerate global economic growth. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that worldwide investment to 2030 could amount to as much as 3.3 trillion US dollars every year, and that's merely to maintain economic growth at current levels. That's almost equivalent to the entire economic output of Germany.

If politicians and private investors decide to tackle this key topic, construction planners, architects, and engineers in the infrastructure industry will face some considerable challenges. Part of the solution will involve reliable electrical installations that are quickly available, resilient, fireproof, and durable.

At the Niedax Group, we would be happy to support you with your projects. We produce and sell our tried-and-tested cable support systems worldwide, and happily undertake entire projects, including assembly and installation.