A strong Portfolio - worldwide

Steel, aluminium, PVC and GRP cable management systems and a full range of accessories – the extensive Niedax Group portfolio has the right solution for your specific electrical installation needs. We are a full service provider, specialising both in cable management for ceilings, walls and floors and in technical consulting, planning and installation/assembly.

Since more than 100 years for a Safe Electrical World: Cabletray Systems Made in Germany.

  • Steel cable support systems
  • GRP cable support systems
  • Cable ducts
  • Cable installation materials
  • Circuit integrity maintenance in accordance with DIN 4102/12


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Niedax Subsidiaries Worldwide

A close network of professionals around the globe gives us customer proximity as a systems supplier, meaning we can offer our customers the best possible service wherever they are in the world. The Niedax Group operates its own sites in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

You can find the contact details of our companies here: Contact persons worldwide

For more than 20 years, Hermann Kleinhuis GmbH + Co. KG has been part of the Niedax Group.

  • PVC cable ducts
  • Fastening and connecting elements
  • Earthing material
  • Potential equalization


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Niedax Rico stands for efficient project management of cable support systems. Rico Engineering GmbH plans for all service phases of the project and all conditions (functional maintenance, revision drawings, cable routes, consideration of snow and wind loads, special loads).

  • Assembly of cable support systems
  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Supervising


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Fintech GmbH has been part of the Niedax Group since 2004.

  • Aluminum trunking system incl. accessories
  • Mini trunking made of aluminum
  • Plug and socket duct system made of aluminum, hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel


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Founded in 1929, Gouda Holland B.V. is based in the Netherlands and has been part of the Niedax Group since 2013.

  • Cable trays
  • Cable ducts
  • Cable ladders
  • Wide span cable ladders
  • Marine ladders


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Niedax Ebo Systems is one of the world market leaders for cable support systems made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP).

  • pressed GRP cable ducts
  • pultruded GRP cable ducts
  • GRP cable trays (UL series)
  • GRP support systems
  • GRP cable support system for rail transport (on the ground/raised)


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Excel Electric Group specializes in the in-house manufacture of cable support systems for Ireland and the UK.

  • Steel cable trays
  • Steel cable tray systems
  • Cable ladder systems
  • Support structures


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Niedax MonoSystems has been a Niedax Group company since 2021 and offers a wide product portfolio of aluminum electrical installation materials. 

  • UL-certified cable support systems made of aluminum and steel
  • Electrical installation trunking
  • Electrical installation material


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R&M Electrical Group Ltd. has been part of the Niedax Group since 2021 as part of a joint venture with majority shareholding and specializes in the realization of large-scale projects. 

  • Cables
  • Consumables
  • Distribution and control equipment
  • Control stations and junction boxes
  • Cable support systems and fixing materials
  • Lighting


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FEMI-CZ has been a member of the Niedax Group since 2016 as part of a joint venture.

  • Cable trays, standard and customized
  • Cable trays
  • Mesh cable trays
  • Support structures
  • Profile trays/STRUT
  • Marine cable trays


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Niedax Galvanik GmbH operates as an independent company within the niedax Group. For 30 years now, around 15 qualified employees at the Bonn-Beuel site have been offering their know-how to achieve optimum surface coating of their customers' workpieces.

  • alkaline and acidic galvanizing process
  • rack plant alkaline (4 x 0.4 x 1.2 m / L x W x D)
  • barrel line acidic for bulk and small parts
  • thick layer passivation, blue passivation
  • Sand, wet and glass bead blasting


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Boecker Stahl-Service GmbH has been part of the Niedax Group since July 2018.

  • Coils in thickness from 0.18 mm to 2.25 mm
  • operating weight up to 32 tons 
  • cold-rolled, galvanized, alu-zinc coated, hot-dip aluminized surfaces or Galfan

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Active in the slit strip market for three decades, BSH offers slit strip made of hot-rolled wide strip and cold-rolled and hot-dip galvanized steel.
As a medium-sized company, it has annual sales of more than 175,000 tons. 

Alongside Boecker Stahl-Service GmbH, Bandstahl-Service-Hagen GmbH is the second steel service center in the Niedax Group, making it one of the top 10 non-group steel service centers in Germany.


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MEF is a leading supplier of mechanical fixings in Scotland, offering the complete 'First Fix' package for the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and ventilation trades. 


  • Manufacture of support brackets
  • Innovative containment solutions
  • TAPCON fasteners
  • Gripple

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Philip Grahame International Limited is a manufacturer of cable installation systems based in Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1982 as a supplier of electrical installation products to the Middle and Far East markets and now operates primarily in the UK and European Union.

  • Cable ladders to BS EN 61537
  • Mesh cable trays according to BS EN 61537
  • Cable trays according to BS EN 61537
  • Cable trays according to BS EN 50085
  • Hot dip galvanized products to BS EN 10346

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