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Customized electrical installation solutions for the industry sector

Niedax supplies products to the entire spectrum of industrial production companies and counts business in all branches of industry among its satisfied customers.
Industry - Niedax Group

The benefits of Niedax products

  • Items are usually available immediately
  • Thanks to the thickness of the alloy and zinc coating, hot-dip galvanized materials offer high-quality protection against corrosion and environmental influences
  • Products made from GRP are corrosion-resistant and resistant to UV, weather, and fire
  • Product assembly is straightforward, standardized, and in line with international standards
  • All end products are produced from high-quality, durable raw materials
  • Contract award is not the end: our sales and service teams continue to provide advice and support to customers, even after delivery

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Audi Plant, Neckarsulm

The Niedax Group supplied cable support systems for the production line of the A6 model series to Audi AG's second German location in Neckarsulm, including to the bodybuilding and conveyor technology areas. A total of around 21,600 m of accessible cable channel systems were provided.
Industry - Niedax Group


The international accelerator facility FAIR, one of the largest research projects in the world, is currently being built in Darmstadt. FAIR stands for "Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe", and the project will generate and research matter in the laboratory, which would otherwise only occur in the universe.
Industry - Niedax Group
©Photo: D. Fehrenz, GSI/FAIR

BMW Plant Leipzig

The BMW plant in Leipzig is one of the most state-of-the-art and sustainable automobile plants in the world. The plant produces around 740 vehicles per day for international customers.
Industry - Niedax Group

CalPlant Willows California, USA

After many years of research, the CalPlant MDF facility became the world's first major manufacturer of medium-density fiberboard based on rice straw. During the construction in 2019, MonoSystems and Niedax were the sole suppliers of cable management systems throughout the facility.
Industry - Niedax Group

Binder, Steinheim

To raise production capacities, the Binder Group in Steinheim, a system supplier for high-quality aluminum attachment parts, decided to expand its production facilities.
Industry - Niedax Group

ThyssenKrupp, Rasselstein

ThyssenKrupp, Rasselstein is Germany's sole producer of tin sheets. At its production site in Andernach am Rhein, the largest of its kind in the world for packaging steel, the Niedax Group installed 1,000 m of cable ladders for a complex system of divergent cables, including extraordinarily large and weighty cables.
Industry - Niedax Group

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Materials for Every Situation

When it comes to choosing the right product and material, the purpose of use plays an important role. Because of their use of chlorinated cleaning agents, food manufacturers opt for cable systems made from corrosion-resistant V4A stainless steel, which contains molybdenum and titanium. These chemical elements act to prevent brown coloring and rusting, with the molybdenum utilizing the oxygen in the air to form a protective layer.

Paper manufacturers, on the other hand, tend to use cable support systems made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). In the paper industry, oxygen is used to carry out bleaching – exposure to that quantity of oxygen would cause conventional steel to rust.  

The automotive industry tends to opt for accessible cable channel systems, riser lines, and plant-specific special-purpose designs. These environments are less aggressive in nature, which means that products made from unrefined steel are often the best choice.

But, whatever the situation, the conclusion is always the same. Whether plant engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, paper manufacturing, food processing and production, or steel and rolling mills – we have the right solution for every purpose!

Unscheduled Machine Downtime Is Costly

Senseye carried out a survey entitled "The True Cost Of Downtime" in which it concluded that major plants lose an average of 323 production hours every year due to unscheduled downtime. Revenue losses, financial penalties, and downtime for paid employees lead to implicit costs in the amount of 532,000 US dollars per hour, or 172 million US dollars per plant and year.

Fortune Global 500 industrial companies lose around 3.3 million hours every year as a result of unscheduled machine downtime, or the equivalent of 864 billion dollars – all unnecessary costs that could be reduced with the right planning and the use of higher quality products. 

Machine downtime and plants grinding to a halt have considerable economic consequences, which is why the world's leading industrial companies prefer to play it safe and have for decades relied on electrical installations from the Niedax Group.