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Comprehensive digitalization is particularly important to us, which is why we support leading technology companies in their transformation. With high-quality products for data centers and chip factories, we are already laying the foundations for an AI-based future.

On the way to a digital future

The world is changing and Industry 4.0 is becoming Industry 5.0. As a leading expert in electrical installation solutions, we are already part of it today! See for yourself!

A safe future with the Niedax Group!

Our integrated system solutions move with the times and ensure safe and fire-resistant power supply throughout the entire IT infrastructure.


Data centers are fundamental to the digital transformation. As an integral part of our infrastructure, they are subject to such high requirements in terms of functional integrity and fire protection. This is where our galvanized KL cable ladder scores highly. Produced according to German standards and tested for functional integrity in accordance with DIN 4102, it is ideal for routing cables safely. We also offer the RLVC cable tray from our CITO Line. It is versatile and can be installed with just one click.

Chip factory

The following also applies to chip factories: safety and fire protection are paramount! Our fire-resistant Hercule ladder is particularly suitable for ensuring this. We have already installed these all over the world. It is produced without weld seams and to British standards. Its advantages are particularly important where the highest demands are placed on stability, such as in chip factories. Our Strut profile, which can be supplied pre-assembled if required, is also suitable here.

Our expert in the talk!

As Managing Director of Niedax CMS Ireland, Matt Walz is an experienced expert in the field of electrical installation in the expansion of digital infrastructure. In an interview, Walz gives an insight into the challenges facing the industry and how Niedax is tackling them.

Paddy Grundy in an interview

What challenges do you see in the implementation of larger construction projects in the IT sector in particular?

In recent years, cooperation with suppliers in the IT sector has changed a lot. We used to have more control over smaller projects. Now we are confronted with different contacts for different areas, which means that this control is usually lost.

What experiences have you had with the Niedax Group in this regard?

The large number of contacts involved in a major project was simplified by the coherent cooperation and clear communication with Niedax. On-time deliveries and smooth processes are of the utmost importance in the construction industry. Niedax has proven to be an extremely reliable partner in this respect. Promised delivery dates were always met, all materials arrived in perfect condition and were immediately ready for use. Whenever new challenges arose in construction, this was "no problem" for Niedax. Their ability to respond flexibly to our needs was remarkable.

„In Niedax, we have found a reliable partner who works with us on solutions. Their flexibility, reliability and the trust they have built up help us to implement projects successfully.“

Paddy Grundy, Sector Expert

Information technology - Niedax Group

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„Together with our customers, we are shaping the digital transformation and creating the basis for a secure, networked future."

Bruno Reufels, CEO Niedax Group

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