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Customized electrical installation solutions for the information technology sector

Today, data centers are located just about everywhere. Whether in banks, universities, government buildings, industrial firms, software companies, or state ministries – the need for state-of-the-art IT systems persists. Data centers are an essential part of digitalization and are a key component in the development of entire economies.
Information Technology

Growing data volumes, big data, Artificial Intelligence, streaming services, and cloud computing are contributing to a global demand boom, with double-digit growth figures in a multi-billon Euro industry. The Niedax Group can help to meet this demand. We equip data centers around the world with suitable cable ducts and exclusive cable trays. The key benefit of our cable trays: cables can be routed through the fields to the individual servers and thus enable maximum flexibility and cooling, with the highest possible bearing capacity!

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Tech Giants Rely On Our Products

As part of a joint venture, the R&M Electrical Group, the Niedax Group has already delivered a number of data centers and has a leading position in the industry in Europe. The first joint project was named "Odense Data Center 3” or "ODN3” for short, a data center in the Danish city of Odense on the island of Funen, and was the third phase of this vast server farm.

The cable support systems used in the project route large quantities of data and communications cables, secured above the servers in most cases using "frame modules". These modules are supplied preassembled, thus helping to save time during installation. Our products help to protect fiber optic cables and high-performance copper cables, and ensure optimal air circulation to guard against overheating.

Data Centers Need Security and Protection

The security requirements depend on the administrative environment. In addition to measures to guard against unauthorized access, fire protection is also highly sought-after. Water, extinguishing foam, and extinguishing powder do more damage to computers than a burned cable, which is why halons tend to be used as extinguishing agents to stop fires chemically. In addition, many data center operators also use oxygen-reduction systems to reduce the proportion of oxygen in the air from 21 per cent down to 13 to 17 per cent, making it harder, if not impossible, for a fire to break out.

Air circulation is an extremely important element in the correct wiring of data centers. The alignment of cable routes needs to be carefully considered and planned. Hot-dip galvanized material must also be avoided in these areas in most buildings, as zinc residue can come loose and become the cause of short-circuits. Accordingly, fire protection is an important point for consideration.

Prevention is better than the cure, and the same applies in IT. At the Niedax Group, we produce high-quality, fireproof cable support systems for the special requirements of data centers, so that the worst never happens.

Over the past few years, more than 200 kilometers of our HERCULE, wide span and cable ladder systems have been installed in data centers around the world.

HERCULE is consistent with the British Standard, thus satisfying internationally prescribed dimensions, and can be used with great flexibility thanks to the wide variety of surfaces and option of on-site assembly of all rungs and beams. Special dimensions can be produced quickly, allowing us to respond promptly to customer requirements. The "HERCULE" is a true all-rounder.