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Customized electrical installation solutions for the building sector

The construction industry is a key industry in Germany and according to the Federal Statistical Office, more than 10 per cent of the country's GDP is invested in public buildings. And there's good reason for that – where people come together in large numbers, demands on seamless operation and safety are particularly high.
Buildings - Niedax Group

As a special provider or high-quality electrical installation solutions, the Niedax Group offers a wide range of products to ensure that the stringent requirements on electrical infrastructure are met, whether in the construction of stadiums, sports facilities, hospitals, concert halls, or administrative buildings.

As an award-winning "Bau Top 50" company, the Niedax Group is one of the fastest growing and most profitable construction suppliers in Germany, and with its products, meets all requirements for public sector construction projects:

  • Fire safety
  • Stability
  • Healthy living (room height, soundproofing, cold protection, heat protection, lighting)
  • Escape routes
  • Water supplies
  • Disposal and site drainage
  • Parking spaces for vehicles
  • Safety of the construction site and building structure

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Deep Dive Dubai

Unique projects require unique solutions. Deep Dive Dubai is one such project – the deepest man-made pool in the world. For the project, the Niedax Group supplied corrosion-resistant, low-maintenance electrical installation systems.

Buildings - Niedax Group

Motorworld Munich

Motorworld München is an automotive world of experience for all car-related topics. During the reconstruction in 2021, Niedax supplied Motorworld Munich with 8,000 m of luminaire support profile and
6,000 m cable trays, partly in special painting.
Motorworld München

Skyscraper Ensemble: Four in Frankfurt

Germany's most spectacular skyscraper ensemble is currently under construction on the former site of Deutsche Bank at the heart of Frankfurt's banking district. The Niedax Group will supply around 50,000 meters of wire mesh tray, 12,000 meters of cable trays, and 15,000 meters of cable ladders to help ensure a reliable supply to power to the buildings.
Buildings - Niedax Group
Four (Source: Groß & Partner)

SAP Garden

At the Olympic Park in Munich, the SAP Garden will become a multifunctional sports arena with up 12,500 seats that in the future will be home to the Red Bull Munich ice hockey team and FC Bayern Munich basketball team.
Buildings - Niedax Group

Elbphilharmonie (Elphi)

Cable support systems for the prestigious Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg have been successfully installed. The Niedax Group has supplied an extraordinarily wide range of products in order to meet the varied and numerous functional requirements of the concert hall. This includes 9,100 meters of hot-dip galvanized cable channels and 4,500 function maintenance channels.
Buildings - Niedax Group


When the pit lane, paddock, and VIP/press area at the world's longest permanent race track, the Nürburgring, were rebuilt, the Niedax Group was engaged not just as a supplier, but as a source of ideas and inspiration as well.
Buildings - Niedax Group

Nürnberg Trade Fair

The exhibition hall 3a in Nuremberg consists of more than 9,000 square meters of space and is considered unique in its class, planned by the renowned and award-winning firm of architects "Zaha Hadid". Cable support systems from the Niedax Group play an important role in ensuring seamless and safe exhibitions.
Buildings - Niedax Group

Falabella Shopping Center Santiago de Chile

Another Niedax project: At 25,000 square meters, Falabella in Santiago de Chile is the largest shopping center in South America and is one of a number of similar big stores in Peru and Colombia.
The Niedax Group supplied around 2 kilometers of Niedax MTC cable trays over five floors for optimal cable routing.
Buildings - Niedax Group

The Construction Sector Can Improve its Sustainability

We believe in sustainable cohabitation of people and nature. In order to mitigate the impact on the climate and the environment, reusing and recycling are the measure of all things. And the effects of the construction industry are not inconsiderable. The Non-Profit Organization World Green Building Council estimates that around 40 per cent of global emissions of carbon dioxide are produced by the construction sector. The Federal Statistical Office calculates that 50 per cent of the annual volume of waste produced in Germany can be traced back to construction. Demolition work not only leads to wasted material, but also wasted energy as once pulled down, the energy stored in a building, the "gray energy", is lost forever.

This includes all the energy that was used to construct the building (procuring materials, machinery, and components) as well as the energy for transportation, installation, and disposal.

One thing is not in doubt – renovation scores higher than demolition. And ideally, with Niedax.

Whether new-build, renovation, or an upgrade to the installation material, the Niedax Group produces cable support systems for the whole world: in lasting quality, fireproof, standardized, and suitable for all sustainable building projects where safety is the foremost priority.