Niedax Management

The Management of Niedax Group

Since its foundation in 1920, the Niedax Group has been family-owned. Continuity and vision: These values not only characterize the corporate history of the Niedax Group, but also its management organization.

Bruno Reufels, CEO

CEO Bruno Reufels has led the company and shaped its success for more than 25 years - at first as managing director and since 2005 as chairman of the board of management.
Management - Niedax Group

Alexander Horn, Managing Director and Shareholder

Alexander Horn, grandson of the company's founding father Fritz Axthelm, has been managing director for technology since 2005.
Management - Niedax Group

Adrian Lowiner, Managing Director International Sales, Project Management and Development

Since 2021, the management team has been complemented by Adrian Lowiner, who is responsible for international sales, project management and development.
Management - Niedax Group