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New international locations

Regardless of current political developments, the Niedax Group is sticking to its "Strategy 2025" and will continue to grow through anti-cyclical investments and projects.

Regardless of current political developments, the Niedax Group is sticking to its "Strategy 2025" and will continue to grow through anti-cyclical investments and projects.

The acquisition of the companies Monosystems and R&M was followed by the establishment of new locations in South Africa, Nigeria, Germany, England and the USA. Internationally, production was expanded with a plant in the United Arab Emirates. In total, more than 350 new employees now belong to the Niedax family. 

The mix of organic growth and acquisition of new companies in Europe and worldwide will continue to ensure that our experts are always where customers and partners need them.

Focus on North America

Following the acquisition of the Niedax Group subsidiary Niedax Monosystems with locations in Rye Brook and Buffalo, New York, at the turn of the year 2021, the group of companies has now opened another sales location in the USA in Houston, Texas. 

Around seven million people live in the fourth largest city in the USA. It is one of the most economically powerful metropolitan regions in the world, where many industrial companies are located.

The Houston location is the group's seventh site in North America. 

As part of its growth strategy with a focus on North America, the group has also further expanded its location in Florida's second largest city, Miami. 
Miami is an important business location and the headquarters of many major cruise lines. As a tourist centre, it therefore offers numerous opportunities and major projects in the tourism industry.

However, the Niedax Group's expansion strategy is not limited to the United States: The company will also expand its presence in Canada. In addition to the warehouse location near Montréal, the Niedax Group will now focus on the region around Toronto as an office and warehouse location. In future, customers in and around Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and Quebec will be able to receive deliveries within one day.

Further location in Africa

In addition to the expansion in North America, Niedax also shows presence on the African continent. Following the location in South Africa, the group's first location in Lagos, Nigeria, was opened in spring 2022. With up to 24 million people, the metropolitan region on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea is one of the most populous in the world. 
Lagos is considered to be growing strongly economically and is currently experiencing a construction boom. A new branch office in the economic centre of the city, Victoria Island, was therefore only logical.

Two new branches in Europe

The Niedax Group has also expanded its presence in Europe. With its new branch in Plymouth, Great Britain, a special proximity to customers in the largest operational naval base in Western Europe is created. The new location represents the seventh branch of the Niedax Group in the UK. 

As an important step in its expansion strategy in Europe, Niedax has also built another office and warehouse location in the Netherlands. 

The new complex in Middenmeer, North Holland, impresses with its excellent location and connections. From there, the group's employees will oversee the deliveries of cable laying systems and electrical installation solutions to the construction sites of the numerous new data centres being built in Central Europe. 


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