Niedax Group relies on carbon-reduced zinc in production

The Niedax Group is taking the next step towards sustainable procurement.

Niedax Low Carbon Zinc

Starting this year, Niedax will use Low-Carbon Zinc from Boliden for the first time in its own hot-dip galvanizing plant at the St. Katharinen site (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany). This means that 20 per cent of Niedax's annual zinc consumption is covered by the CO2-reduced version of the raw material. The use of Boliden’s Low-Carbon Zinc enables the Niedax Group to produce its hot-dip galvanized cable laying systems with an improved carbon footprint.

Compared to the industry average, where the production of one kilogram of zinc causes 3.89 kilograms of CO2 emissions, according to the International Zinc Association Boliden's low-carbon zinc demonstrably reduces emissions by over 70%.

Both the process and Boliden’s low-carbon zinc products have been audited and certified in accordance with ISO 14044 by Intertek, an external leading total quality assurance provider to industries worldwide.

Alexander Horn, Technical Managing Director and shareholder of the Niedax Group, emphasizes the importance of this initiative: "As a globally operating company, we are committed to sustainable business practices and reducing our carbon footprint. The integration of CO2-reduced zinc into our production chain is the next step in the procurement of green raw materials for our production. It is also a clear commitment to climate protection."

“This collaboration demonstrates the immediate benefits of choosing low-carbon materials in reducing carbon footprints. By utilizing our Low-Carbon Zinc Niedax Group showcases the importance of emission reduction across the value chain. To drive the industry’s transition, we need to encourage a shifted mindset for ourselves, our suppliers, our customers and ultimately the end consumers. This to secure a sustainable future for coming generations.”, Boliden’s Director Sales Sven Hjelmstedt continues.

The zinc ores for Boliden's Low-Carbon Zinc are extracted and smelted in the company's own mines and smelters in the Nordics, without the use of fossil fuels and processed into fine zinc.



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