The Niedax Group joins as a strategic partner in the expansion of the fiber glass network in Germany

Our company has agreed a strategic partnership with GIGA FIBER GmbH to promote the expansion of the fiber glass network in Germany. As part of this partnership, the Niedax Group has acquired a 10 percent stake in the project development specialist GIGA FIBER.

Giga Fiber Niedax

From left to right: Lars Diebold, Founder and Shareholder Gigafiber, Bruno Reufels, CEO Niedax Group and Alexander Horn, Managing Director and Shareholder Niedax Group

The common goal of the financially strong company is to expand a secure, resilient and high-performance fiber glass network along railways and other transportation routes over a distance of around 33,000 km.

By 2029, GIGA FIBER will also build and operate 16,500 mobile communications systems at 2 km intervals for 5G and the future-oriented 6G network, as well as WiFi facilities and radio transmission systems along the railroad network.

To seal the partnership, the two companies carried out a trial installation of fiber glass cables in a private section of track near the train station in Linz on the Rhine. This successfully demonstrated how two fiber glass cables and a power cable can be successfully laid in the immediate vicinity of the station using a cable tray from the Niedax Group.

GIGA FIBER founder and majority shareholder Lars Diebold explains:
"The strategic partnership between GIGA FIBER and the Niedax Group marks an important milestone on the way to a secure digital infrastructure in Germany. Niedax and GIGA FIBER complement each other perfectly: With the Niedax Group, we not only have a global innovation leader for cable management technology on board as a general contractor for our ambitious expansion projects, but we have also gained a financially strong strategic shareholder for our rapidly growing project development company. The Niedax Group was the strategic partner of choice for us."

Bruno Reufels, CEO Niedax Group, says:
"The faltering fiber glass expansion in Germany needs both: an ambitious, dynamic project developer and an innovative implementer with the highest level of technical expertise and the necessary manpower. We therefore see the partnership as a win-win-win constellation for GIGA FIBER, the Niedax Group and the digital infrastructure in Germany. As a company that is over 100 years old, we have set ourselves the goal of significantly exceeding the EUR 1 billion mark in sales by the end of 2024. The new partnership will also contribute to this."

The upcoming expansion projects in 2024 include a first reference route over 170 km in Brandenburg, which will demonstrate the maximum security requirements for fiber glass network expansion as proof of concept. Around 90 additional radio masts are already being built here. In addition, the two partners will jointly implement a 60 km route with around 30 radio masts in the Frankfurt/Main area to ensure a significant contribution to the secure and resilient connection of the financial sector.



GIGA FIBER GmbH, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a financially strong project development company founded with the aim of driving forward the expansion of a resilient and high-performance fibre glass infrastructure along the rail network in Germany. The company currently employs around 50 people and is growing rapidly. GIGA FIBER was founded in May 2023 by entrepreneur Lars Diebold and is a member of the industry associations VATM and BREKO, among others. Following sales of EUR 10 million in 2023, the company is aiming for sales of EUR 50 million in 2024. In 2025, the planned installation of 6,500 km of highly resilient and 1.2 TB high-speed fibre glasses and 3,250 radio masts will generate sales of around EUR 1 billion.


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