Gouda Holland B.V.


Established in 1929 and based in the Dutch town of Moordrecht, Gouda Holland B.V. has decades of experience in stainless steel, hot-galvanized steel and aluminium cable routing systems for industrial and commercial use. The company is constantly adapting its portfolio to meet changing needs in the sector, and today offers a wide range of products that are perfectly tailored to the relevant areas of application. Gouda Holland B.V. is an expert partner for all aspects of cable duct installation in a wide range of sectors, including the chemical and petrochemical industries, offshore and other power plants, telecommunications, and the dairy and food industry.



  • Cable trays
  • Cable ducts
  • Cable ladders
  • Long-span cable ladders
  • Marine cables


Gouda Holland B.V.
Grote Esch 80
NL-2841 MJ Moordrecht

+31 182506200
+31 182506209