NIEDAX Kabelverlege-Systeme GmbH (Austria)

Niedax Kabelverlege-Systeme GmbH is based in Wolkersdorf, near Vienna. The Niedax Group company supplies steel, GRP, plastic and stainless steel cable support systems for ceiling, wall and floor installation, and in 1998 became the first Niedax Group national subsidiary to supply the Austrian industry, electrical fitters and electrical wholesalers. The company's specialist portfolio includes complete solutions for tunnel, power plant and refinery construction.

The team at Niedax Kabelverlege-Systeme GmbH guarantees customer proximity and excellent, expert customer support from planning and sales to punctual delivery.

In 2014, Niedax Kabelverlege-Systeme GmbH was ranked on the 1th in the "Solide Kleinbetriebe" SME category in the "Austria's Leading Companies" business awards. This 2014 rating also demonstrates that the company is now well-established in Austria – an achievement to which our many successful projects are testimony. Niedax Kabelverlege-Systeme GmbH is one of the leading companies in the sector in financial and business terms.



  • Steel cable support systems
  • GRP cable support systems
  • Cable ducts
  • Cable installation materials
  • Circuit integrity maintenance in accordance with DIN 4102/12


Niedax Kabelverlege-Systeme GmbH
Resselstraße 10
A-2120 Wolkersdorf

+43 2245901100
+43 22459011020