Niedax Galvanik GmbH

The company now operating as Niedax Galvanik GmbH is an independent entity within the Niedax Group. For 30 years, around 15 expert staff at the Bonn-Beuel site have been helping customers achieve the perfect surface coating for their components. Niedax Galvanik specialises in consultancy for each stage of the development process from planning to series production, and expert customer support for customised surface coatings for individual and special components. Meeting strict quality criteria and drawing on comprehensive on-site analysis, Niedax Galvanik provides surface finishing to customer specifications for high-end products in the electrical, automotive and sanitation sectors. Our standard galvanizing processes comply with DIN 50961/50979 and DIN EN ISO 2081 – please contact us if you have other specific standards requirements.

Our rack and barrel zinc electroplating and passivation services are also available to companies outside the Niedax Group. Simply contact us for further information and advice.

Range of services

  • individual professional consultation
  • Alkali and acid galvanization
  • Rack plating units, alkaline (4 x 0.4 x 1.2m / L x B x D)
  • Barrel plating units, acidic, for loose goods and small parts
  • Thick-film passivation, blue passivation and other passivation techniques/coatings on request
  • Degreasing/washing for steel products and non-ferrous metals
  • Test and inspection procedure drafting
  • Sand rays, wet rays and glass bead rays



Niedax Galvanik GmbH
Königswinterer Straße 97
53227 Bonn - Beuel

+49 (0) 228 94690157
+49 (0) 228 476526