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Individual Solutions for windenergy

The wind energy sector is one of our core industries. With a comprehensive range of services that gives every project a boost! In addition to consulting, planning and design, we also take care of the production, delivery and installation of the electrotechnical equipment.

An industry on the move

As an international partner in the wind energy sector, we are committed to the energy transition out of conviction. See for yourself!

One Niedax Group, all requirements covered!

Our integrated system solutions withstand all challenges and ensure safe power routing throughout the wind turbine.

The wind tower

The tower of a wind turbine places special demands on the stability of the electrotechnical equipment. Our KRC or KRO cable ladders, which are specially designed for vertical routing over longer distances, are suitable for this purpose.

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The substation

The substation is the most important part of any offshore wind farm. If a technical defect occurs, the power supply to households is at risk. Our wide range of GRP products provides the necessary stability and safety here.

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Wind energy - Niedax Group

Cooperation of superlatives

Dogger Bank is the largest offshore wind farm in the world and is expected to supply six million British households with electricity by the beginning of 2025. The Niedax Group has developed special stainless steel cable ducts. Powerful turbines and the world's largest installation vessel are being used to create the largest single source of renewable energy in the UK.

Wind energy - Niedax Group

Double wind power ahead!

The Belgian company Equans is a leader in the construction of high-voltage substations and in the monitoring and maintenance of offshore wind farms. The construction group is currently implementing two highly complex wind farm projects in Europe: "St. Brieuc" in Brittany and "Baltic Eagle" off the coast of Rügen. As a strategic partner, the Niedax Group provides support in planning, consulting, and the delivery of individually designed electrical installation solutions.

Our expert in talk!

In the latest Expert Talk video, Thibault Vancoppenolle explains, among other things, what makes the wind energy sector special for the Niedax Group and why Niedax is the right partner for all projects in the wind energy sector.

"The wind energy sector is special. That's because it enables large-scale renewable energy generation by tapping into an inexhaustible source."

Thibault Vancoppenolle

Key Account Manager at Niedax Group for Wind & Energy

wind energy
Three good reasons for Niedax
18years of experience in the wind energy sector.
20 +substations worldwide, equipped with our systems.
1.000 +Transition Pieces worldwide, equipped with our solutions.

"As a global player, we take responsibility for our environment. Thus, the wind energy sector is one of our most important business areas. In this way, we ensure a safe electric world - now and in the future!"

Bruno Reufels, CEO Niedax Group

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