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Planning Buildings Efficiently

BIM Data for Niedax Group Products

We create files for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and make them available for download as a special service.

BIM is a concept for complete digital processing of building planning and depiction of a building model throughout the lifecycle of the building.

The concept provides more information when compared to the original methods used for building planning. Components are not only displayed as 3D models, but contain manufacturer information, item numbers, materials, weights, and all manner of other information useful to the designer, depending on the product group.

In addition, all items are connected to one another using a certain logic. This allows cast and molded parts to be automatically adapted to the dimensions and routes of cable support systems. Moreover, component lists of the items used in the project can be generated automatically, containing all items, quantities, and other relevant information.

But that's not all! The benefits of all-in-one project management technology are so extensive that BIM in many countries is compulsory for publicly financed construction and infrastructure projects, including e.g. Ireland, Chile, Australia, Finland, Japan, Latvia, Norway, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Brazil.  


Rapid Development

The use of BIM in planning is pioneering – it offers improved project visualization and helps to save costs, time, and resources. 

BIM is constantly under development, such that Niedax has gone from implementing 1,000 items in 2018 to more than 16,000 item numbers today.

In order to meet international demands, files for multiple companies of the Niedax Group have been created jointly. We will expand the topic in the future, and will be able to constantly supply BIM files for download. 

The Benefits of BIM at a Glance

Save Time

Around 30 per cent of construction work is taken up by improvements and reworking. Most of this can be attributed to poor planning. BIM helps to reduce this rework, allowing projects to be completed more promptly.

Save Costs

BIM not only helps to save time, but also helps to ensure more targeted use of resources. There is less waste, helping to protect the environment and budgets.

Safety on Construction Sites

Project managers can reduce the risk of accidents on construction sites with optimal planning and a risk analysis. Planning security also helps to promote communication, and demonstrably reduces time pressure and stress due to excess strain.

Improved Buildings Management

BIM can also be beneficial, even after a construction project is complete. Facility managers, for example, can use the building data to optimize maintenance and area management. In addition, BIM data can also be used to make better decisions about renovation and conversion.

Download via BIMobject.com

In order to be able to distribute the vast repository of files more easily, we have a dedicated site at BIMobject.com.

All BIM data are available there, with descriptive attributes, enabling you, whether planner or user, to access the data, find relevant planning information, and contact us directly using the contact forms.

You can find a link to our site here: Niedax - BIMobject

Have questions about BIM or planning a project? Please get in touch!