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Because We're Always Thinking About Everyone's Tomorrow

As an international group with around 2,350 employees in more than 30 countries, the Niedax Group is well aware of its social responsibilities.

We understand how important a pleasant, safe, and sustainable working environment is to our employees' happiness, health, and motivation.

We care

The solid basis: the health of our employees is extremely important to us. Audited management systems and officers help to ensure the highest safety standards and reduce the already minimal risk of accident, fire, and excess workload year on year.

By offering part-time work and flexible working time models, we allow our employees to combine their family time and professional lives in the best way possible. For more family time and passion in the workplace. There's a good reason why employee turnover at Niedax is so low and employee's length of service is above average.

We show responsibility

We support social projects at all of our locations!

Our connection to society and people is reflected in various elements of what we do, including our sponsorship of sports clubs and local social life in the places in which we operate. We have been a supporter of support workshops for many years, contribute to the construction costs for daycare facilities, make donations in the event of disasters and to hospice facilities, and encourage our employees to undertake charitable activities.

The Niedax Group Values Charter contains guidelines on what a common basis of values means for us.

  • Legal compliance
    Compliance with all laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate.
  • Integrity and corporate governance
    Our actions are based on universal ethical values and principles, we reject corruption and bribery, promote transparency, act with integrity, ensure responsible management and control within the company, follow clean and recognized business practices, and encourage fair competition.
  • Consumer interests
    We comply with consumer protection regulations and reasonable sales, marketing, and information practices.
  • Communication
    We are open in our communication and pursue dialog; the trade secrets and business information of partners is treated sensitively and confidentially.
  • Human rights
    Privacy is protected. We ensure a safe working environment that promotes healthy habits. We protect all employees from all forms of abuse and harassment and guarantee freedom of expression.
  • Working conditions
    We reject child and forced labor.
  • Employee rights
    We respect employees' rights to association and assembly and to engage in collective bargaining.
  • Ban on discrimination
    We ensure non-discriminatory treatment of all employees.
  • Environmental protection
    We comply with all regulations and standards on environmental protection and take a responsible approach to natural resources.
  • Civic engagement
    We support social projects and the voluntary activities of our employees.

The World Is Changing, Togetherness Remains

The economy and private and social coexistence are changing as a result of rapid technological progress. Such times of change are generally viewed with skepticism. At the Niedax Group, we don't just see challenges, but opportunities as well. The opportunity to create sustainable employment with healthy working conditions through social action and to support projects that benefit nature and society rather than damage them. 

Through all of this change, we want one thing to stay the same – sincere and safe togetherness. 

Questions? We look forward to hearing from you!