Niedax Group sets 1 billion euro sales target after setting record

Family-owned company strengthens independence from suppliers and grows against the trend

Niedax Revenue

The Niedax Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of cable management systems, posted record sales of around 800 million euro at the end of last year. From 2021 to 2022 alone, the Niedax Group achieved an increase in sales of more than 27 percent. By the end of 2024, CEO Bruno Reufels aims to achieve a sales target of more than 1 billion euro.

Current calculations are fueling the optimism of the Rhineland-Palatinate-based company: "In fact, we are well on the way to reaching the 1 billion euro sales target by the end of 2023," says Bruno Reufels, CEO Niedax Group.

The internationally active family-owned company headquartered in Lin/Rhine, Germany, has pursued an exceptionally steep growth course over the past twenty years. This has been helped time and again by strategic acquisitions that have enabled the hidden champion of the industry to strengthen its independence from suppliers in particular: Last year alone, for example, the Niedax Group acquired two further production companies and a second steel service center.

Reufels is thus deliberately pursuing a course that diametrically opposes the trend of outsourcing to low-wage countries: "It is precisely these strategic decisions that have made us one of the fastest-growing medium-sized companies in Germany. Despite all the geopolitical and economic changes, we have always believed in international growth in our industry - and have been proven right, even in the current crisis," Reufels added.

In essence, the family-owned company is relying on three strategic pillars for its growth strategy

First and foremost is the core business of cable management systems, with which Niedax has become big in its home market, Germany. With the manufacture and sale of products and solutions for electrical installations, the Niedax Group has now established itself as a global player.

The second strategic pillar is designed to ensure the greatest possible self-sufficiency in the supply of raw materials: thanks to two of its own steel service centers, Niedax has now been able to make itself independent of the availability of one of its most important raw materials on the world market and to secure supplies from its own sources. Reufels has observed, and not just since the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in the Ukraine, that many manufacturing companies have been complaining about supply difficulties: "However, we met these challenges at an early stage with entrepreneurial action. Therefore, we are always able to deliver and even in a position to expand our production volume at any time."

In the third strategic area, the company is focusing on large-scale, globally oriented distribution and has expanded its portfolio to include, for example, high-quality electrical installation products such as cables.

Reufels intends to consistently pursue the successful course in the coming years: "We will not only continuously expand the group of companies through future acquisitions, but also gradually bring all parts of the value chain in-house – from planning and design to finishing and assembly."


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